sugar, sugar: a cool math game

Have you heard about Neither did I until today, but I’ve played some online games signed One of my favorites game from is “sugar, sugar” and I played the game on On you can find it under geometry games category.

The game is 2D and very simple, yet very challenging. It has 30 levels and in the first one you can find out how the game should be played. It is quite simple: you have to draw with your mouse a line to get the sugar in the cup. When the cup is full you’ll get to the next level. You’ll see that, after the first sugar crystal is in the cup, the count down starts. If you get stuck or you want to start the level again just press the reset button.

Don’t be surprised if you are going to play for hours. As I told you, the game is simple, but very catchy. The game designer is Bart. He is a Belgian and he works as a freelancer. You can get in touch with him on Also, there you can see all his games.

I like “sugar, sugar” because I’ve played about 3 hours and I couldn’t stop. The first levels are easier, but after that you have to put your mind to work. I think that’s why has the game on their site.

You can play the game online on different websites, not only on math games portals. Here are some:
sugar, sugar on

sugar, sugar on

sugar,sugar on

Have fun playing an interesting and challenging online game. I think is suitable to say that “sugar, sugar” is a cool math game.

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