Snail Bob 1&2 a nice free brain game

We all love to play online games when we want to have a break or just to relax. It doesn’t matter if you are 10, 25 or 65 years old you do need to relax. Well, why don’t you train your brain muscle while playing online. You can play nowadays free brain games and improve your attention skills, memory skills, reactions skills, visual skills or language skills.

How can you find brain games online? Simple. You just go on your search browser and search for free brain games or cool math games.

Snail BobOne of my favorite brain game is Snail Bob. There are now two versions Snail Bob 1 and Snail Bob 2. It a really nice online game produced by Spil Games and hosted on AGAME.COM. You should find the game on other online games portals too.  I would place the game on brain games or math games category, because you have to calculate route and think ahead moves for Bob. you will find the game under different categories and tags like: skill games, physics games, math games, brain games, avoiding games, puzzle games and many other that are related with math and thinking.

Snail Bob 1 story goes that Bob the snail got kicked out from his house and now is forced to move. He is slow, not very careful and he is keep going on a straight line. Your mission is to help him out to make the journey to his sparkling new house. The game play is brilliant and the graphics funny and friendly. You’ll have to use the mouse to activate/deactivate traps and gates, to avoid obstacles and find the exit. You have the complete 20 levels to reach the end of the game. Some said that is to few, others that is just fine.

Snail Bob 2 story is different from the first one, as it should be. Bob is waking up and he realize that is his grandpa’s birthday. He is still the slow and not very careful snail from the first game, so the mission is the same: help him to get to his grandfather’s house. The game play and the levels are as good as the first game, maybe even better.  On this game the number of levels is 25 so you can play more time and have more fun.

The controls are the same on both games: the mouse.  The main purpose is to improve your brain skills like: attention, memory or agility. The in-game options are the same. You can make Bob to walk twice faster, turn on/off the music and sound and see a walk-through the level if you get stuck. Always keep in mind to look after the new tools and hint that you can find in almost each level.

I really love this online game and I think is one of the best game on the web. It combines a lot of game styles: math, skill, brain and many more. The most beautiful thing is the you have to use your biggest muscle: the brain. Have fun playing.

You can go direct to the game by clicking Snail Bob 1 or Snail Bob 2 and you can publish the game  on your site from here.

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